Inyatsi works consistently to lay down the groundwork in order to provide a strong foundation for developing a more highly-skilled, productive and diverse workforce.

To achieve this, Inyatsi is VERY proactive in as far as staff training and development and mentorship are concerned.

On an annual basis the Group also provides opportunities to high school students and university and college students who are willing to come on board for job shadowing, attachments and vacation work.

Through attachments and vacation work, Inyatsi is aiding governments in developing young engineers and other student trainees. At completion of their studies we endeavor to retain at least 80% of successful applicants.

With our rich, skilled and knowledgeable trainers’ base, we have currently afforded an opportunity to several civil engineering students to be engaged in this program. Graduate engineers are encouraged and assisted to register for professional memberships so as to become fully accredited or certified engineers.

Inyatsi Group has trained over hundreds of apprentices in different fields over the past years with the number increasing each year.