John Hamilton is the new CEO

Inyatsi Construction Group Holdings, hereby wishes to inform all stakeholders that Mr. John Hamilton, currently the Group’s Managing Director, has been selected as Inyatsi Construction Group Holdings’ new Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Hamilton succeeds Mr. Tommy Strydom, who has served the company since 2009, where he was initially hired as a Contracts Manager, moving on to manage our South African and Namibian subsidiaries, subsequently becoming Managing Director of our Mozambique subsidiary of NCC Mozambique, before assuming the role of the entire group’s CEO. During his tenure at Inyatsi, in all his Executive positions, the company experienced tremendous growth despite the industry’s ongoing economic downturn, helping maintain Inyatsi’s reputation as one of the largest construction companies in Africa.

Mr. Hamilton’s leadership appointment is part of a rigorous and comprehensive nomination and ongoing plans, hatched under Mr. Strydom’s leadership. One of those plans was the introduction of succession planning as a disciplined approach within management. Succession planning is a practice that the group has followed for many years and in particular has resulted in many of the young leaders within the group reaching their goals and being promoted through the group to higher leadership levels within the last three years.

Mr. John Hamilton, who has been working very closely with the current CEO, in his position as Group Managing Director, and who has been with the company for more than nine years was therefore a natural successor to Mr. Strydom. The Board of Directors and Mr. Strydom worked closely together on his succession planning in order to ensure that Mr. Hamilton will be able to easily transition into the role as Chief Executive Officer of the Inyatsi Group.

Mr. Strydom will do a comprehensive handover, remaining available until Mr. Hamilton transitions to the role of CEO. The Board of Directors, Executives, Management & Staff Members wish to congratulate Mr. Hamilton on his appointment and extend their well wishes to him as he assumes his new role.

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